Summer. Summer. Summer!!!

Tatianna Burnett is the newest addition to the KLC team! We’re excited to have her join us as an intern this summer, before she  heads back to Carleton, where she will complete her final year of a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies.


Though she joined just a few weeks ago, she is already supporting our team in major mandates, including writing, editing and conducting media outreach for many of our clients’ projects. Here’s a bit more about Tatianna:


What do you love most about PR?

The thing I love most about PR is the direct correlation that it has with my program, Communication and Media studies. Not only that, but it consists of many different areas that I am able to learn from on a daily basis, which allow me to see how PR works from a variety of angles.


Tell us about the moment you decided you wanted to be in PR?

When I was in high school, I realized that I had a great passion for writing and editing the work of others and seeing how I could tweak what they said in order to make it sound better. I also discovered that although math and science weren’t my favourite courses, problem-solving was indeed a strength I possessed.


What do you hope to learn over your internship?

The major thing that I am excited to learn is how KLC is able to manage crises so well. I have realized that it is not an easy task and that eventually, with practice, I hope to be able to develop those same skills in order to be just as successful.


What do you love most about Toronto?

Considering we just won the NBA Championship, being the underdogs is what I love most about the City of Toronto. More importantly, the vibrant energy throughout the community is irresistible. In a more general sense, the convenience of Toronto is something that I love as I don’t usually have to worry about how I am getting somewhere, utilizing the city’s great transportation system.


What does your ideal Saturday look like?

If I am not in Milton with my family and friends, then I am most likely somewhere in downtown Toronto discovering new and hidden food spots. I like to do adventurous activities, but you can also catch me at the gym in my downtime, watching a movie or spending time with friends and family.


We’re loving Tatianna’s eagerness to learn and the amazing energy she brings to our Toronto office every day!