Welcome to KLC, Sharon Lui!

Welcome to KLC, Sharon Lui!

Spring is in the air and new interns are in the KLC office!

With the beginning of April, we welcome two students from Centennial College’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations post-graduate program. As we do with all new additions to the #KLCbestteam, we wanted to get to know each of them a little better with a welcome blog.

Today we get to know Sharon Lui.

Tell us about the moment you decided you wanted to be in PR?

After over 10 years working in the credit card industry, I was itching for a career change. Being a mom of three kids, I wasn’t sure that a career transition would be possible as it would require me to go to back to school full-time and I still was not sure what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up.’  It wasn’t until I was in beautiful Costa Rica on a yoga retreat, entertaining a crowd of fellow yogis when a woman told me that I was a natural born “storyteller”. At that moment I realized that I should use my storytelling abilities to build a new career, one that would allow me to fulfill my love of communication and building relationships with people. Public relations definitely fit the bill and a year later I was enrolled at Centennial College.

What Is your secret talent?

My secret talent is that I can rap. My specialty is Vanilla Ice and Eminem.

What do you hope to learn over your internship?

For the next four months, I hope to learn everything I can about agency life and to expand on my writing, pitching and research skills. I also can’t wait to apply what I have learned in school to my work here and to produce high quality pieces that I can use in my portfolio.

What is one food that you HATE?

Chocolate (just kidding!). I can’t stand goat cheese, as it tastes like dirty socks to me.

What is your favorite TV series?

Hands down, the Office (U.S version). It’s probably the only reason why I still subscribe to Netflix because I can watch the series over and over again. I recommend this show to anyone who has ever had a bad day. My favorite episode is the one where Kevin spills the pot of chili. Google it— it is the funniest thing you will ever see.


The Kevin’s famous chili scene is a favourite throughout the KLC office, so we know Sharon is going to fit in well here.

Welcome to the team, Sharon!