Our Tips to Make the Most of Your Unplugged May Long Weekend

It’s time to trade the parkas for pullovers, scarves for skirts, and the balaclavas for boardshorts – the May long weekend aka unofficial kick off to long summer weekends is finally here!

For us just now coming out of another Canadian deepfreeze of a winter, the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday doesn’t just mean an extra Monday away from the office, but the start of patio get-togethers, campfires at the cottage and long afternoons at the beach to cure out Vitamin D-deficient blues (though only the bravest amongst us may not choose to save the first dip in the lake for Canada Day.)

The May long weekend (also affectionately known as May 2-4) is also the perfect time to take time to unplug and unwind, and reward ourselves for all of the long, dark hours that are now a thing of the past (for a few months, at least). That’s why we asked our #KLCBestTeam for their best tips to unwind for the long weekend.

So whether you’re staycationing in the city, lounging by the lake, or searching for clear skies and calm vibes somewhere in between, here are a few tried-and-tested tips we’ll (mostly) be following ourselves that can help you get more from your May 2-4 weekend.

  1. Focus on the sunshine, and not the smartphone


De-Waze your days and say goodbye to Spotify for 72 hours – its not often we get a chance to fully unplug, so take advantage while you can (and leave the email to your agency, who don’t follow this tip well!)


  1. Leave the laptop behind, and table the tablet

Both Words With Friends AND Word docs for work will both still be there to greet you on Tuesday morning.

  1. Enjoy a few cold ones at a local patio

It was a long and lonely winter for your favourite good weather host, as well. Whether its streetside, harbourfront, rooftop or backyard, spend a little quality time with friends (or alone!) getting reacquainted with your favourite patio.


  1. Share some quality cottage time with Kilgore Trout, Holly Golightly, Lady Chatterly or your favourite fictional friend

Take some time away from the daily digital grind and go analogue for the weekend – share a great view from the dock with the Great Gatsby, or an hour in the hammock with Harry Potter

  1. Turn off the TV… unless the situation is TRULY suitable

Long weekends are made for sleeping in, but this Saturday marks a truly special situation – the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and (Honourary Canadian) Meghan Markle. The celebration starts at 7:00 a.m. EST, so why not soak up a stunning sunrise and tune in for the special celebration?

Set those Out of Office messages and make time for yourself this weekend. From the #KLCBestTeam, wishing you and yours a relaxing and rewarding May long weekend, and we’ll see you bright and early on Tuesday!