Our Services

Our clients benefit from communications solutions derived from deep experience across communications specialties.

Brand and Reputation

An organization’s brand is its value – the essence of what it does and how it does it. Customers and consumers have many choices today. Nurturing your brand across every stakeholder touchpoint can make the difference between becoming an industry leader or just one of many. The team at Kaiser Lachance Communications (KLC) realizes the impact of getting your brand and its messaging just right every step of the way – from the strategy that frames it to the narrative that communicates it.


Consumers have choice like never before. This gives them a voice and serious power. Unlocking the triggers that create consumer confidence and intent to purchase is a complicated business. From research to reputation, the team at KLC has the tools and talent to ensure your product or service stands out to the people who matter most to your business success.

Content Creation

Storytelling is not new, but it has never been more important to communicators. Every brand has a story – and multiple audiences to tell it to - in an increasingly competitive and cluttered landscape. At KLC, we have a team of talented writers, experienced in all forms of communication for all types of business. We create compelling copy that captures the attention of industry, employees, consumers and media audiences. In this new social, 24/7 world, the ability to craft content that is meaningful for your audience is an essential skill. Our research-led approach, combined with visually-appealing design, helps ensure our clients’ stories and voices rise about the rest.


KLC works with corporations of all sizes to develop and deliver integrated communications programs to help clients advance their business. We work closely with clients to reach their internal and external audiences including customers, employees, regulators, communities and of course, media – all of which have different motivations. Whether companies need to raise awareness among potential customers to drive sales, engage and motivate their internal teams, or mitigate risks and protect their reputations, the highly skilled public relations practitioners at KLC can help. We also partner with our clients to bring companies’ cultures, thought leadership and values to life. Additionally, if the company needs to manage difficult issues or navigate a crisis, we can provide the guidance and support it needs, anywhere, any time.

Digital and Social

Faster than the speed of light is the speed at which social media can make or break a business. In addition, keeping pace with the many digital tools and opportunities, and their ever-changing algorithms, can be a full-time job. But it’s an increasingly important job, especially if you want to reach the growing number of digital-only information seekers. At KLC we have the tools and expertise to bring your campaign to life offline and online, engaging the influencers that are most relevant for your brand.

Financial Communications

Finance and investment has its own language and our consultants have the rare ability to translate numbers, data and economic trends into compelling storylines. We help clients develop and execute investor relations programs that articulate a clear growth-oriented value proposition for investors. In transactional and restructuring situations such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divestitures, initial public offerings (IPOs), proxy contests, shareholder activism, or CCAA, we have deep and varied experience in ensuring communications activities and messages are tailored for each stakeholder group.

Investor Relations

Articulating corporate strategy for a publicly listed company’s value proposition to investors can be difficult, especially with the heightened scrutiny and legal repercussions executives, boards and investor relations officers must face. Our integrated and thoughtful approach to investor communications ensures all stakeholders understand the investment highlights, strategy and management outlook of the organization. Services include analyst relations and analyst day presentations, investor targeting and outreach, investor relations perception audits, media and presentation training, filings and notifications (SEDAR and IIROC) and material development (writing and reviewing management, discussion and analysis documents; annual general meeting presentations and scripts).

Issue and Crisis

Issues and crises put unrelenting stress on organizations and on external-facing executives in particular. When a crisis hits, we are there, acting as an extension of the client team to help develop a quick, accurate and persuasive response. We know the best communications channels to use and will help clients successfully communicate with their complex multi-stakeholder audience. Our expertise in public relations gives spokespeople the tools they need to act calmly and confidently under the relentless glare of the news media, regulators, shareholders and the general public.