Our Sectors

Our team of exceptional communicators have extensive experience in a diverse range of industries.

Financial Services

Kaiser Lachance Communications (KLC) has assisted clients in the financial services and investment sectors identify and implement solutions for their communications needs. From financial institutions, to investment firms and trading platforms, we have an unparalleled understanding of what is interesting and meaningful to the public and media in this diverse environment.

Food and Beverage

From Fortune 100 companies to smaller, independent brands, the team at KLC has created successful campaigns and promotions that achieved measurable results for our food and beverage clients. As a result, we understand the unique challenges of the industry and can work collaboratively on multi-discipline client teams to ensure success for every product launch, experience activation, event or program.

Health and Wellness

North Americans are generally healthier than they have ever been, but that doesn’t stop us from striving to eat better, exercise smarter and take care of ourselves and our families. We expect the businesses who help us take better care, are doing the right things to ensure the quality and safety of their products. At KLC, we have experience working with food and drug manufacturers and natural products companies to help communicate business excellence and drive consumer trust.

Natural Resources

Nothing says “Canada” like natural resources. Our expertise and experience, our adventuresome spirit and respect for the environment are the envy of the world. But exploration and production don’t happen in a vacuum. Advancing your business while balancing the needs of employees, investors, regulators, environmentalists and those living in the communities in which you operate requires a deft touch. We can help get your story out and engage those stakeholders that matter most.


Not-for-profit initiatives play an important role in the integrity and development of our society. As a firm, we are dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we live, not only through our work with not-for-profit organizations, but also through supporting social causes. For our clients with mandates in the not-for-profit sector, we can support with strategic planning, counsel and project implementation that helps advance their mandates from advocacy to fundraising and more.

Professional Services

Companies that offer professional services face a very particular set of challenges. What they sell often feels intangible. The practitioners are the salespeople, the service delivery people and the product. Brand awareness and credibility are everything. Trust us, we know. Whether it is to attract and retain the best talent, to drive demand for services or to build profile for key members of the team, we can develop a communications program that includes elements of marketing, content generation, executive visibility and thought leadership, employee communications and media relations.

Real Estate

No sector generates interest from government, media, businesses and consumers like real estate. Residential real estate purchases represent the largest financial transactions families are likely to make; commercial real estate provides the physical footprint large and small Canadian businesses need; and financial services make it all work. We can help raise the profile of your business, generate demand for your products and services and make sure your views are heard in the public discussions on the issues that matter.


North Americans love to shop and the choices for consumers are endless. Whether it is one of the growing millions of online purchases or the evolving experience of a bricks and mortar store, the team at KLC has years of experience decoding the shopper experience for a variety of retail clients. We have you covered – like that new sweater you have been wanting. Our marketing team can build excitement for your brand or product and our corporate team ensures your business communicates leadership, confidence and fiscal strength.


Canada has fast become a hotbed for innovation and a global leader in technology. With decades of experience working with early stage start-ups, right up to major international players, across the business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer technology spectrum, the team at KLC is well-positioned to maximize opportunities for companies looking to make an impact in this crowded and exciting sector.  Whether you are looking to drive downloads for your app, business coverage for your leadership in the cloud, or a broader online presence for a new-way service that will digitize and disrupt an outdated industry, we can help build the awareness you need to reach your critical stakeholders.

Travel and Tourism

As our world gets smaller, the desire to see it grows. With more and more people hopping on planes, trains and into automobiles, travel and tourism are huge economic generators for destinations and attractions around the world. Our team has experience working on global mandates for countries big and small as well as provinces, cities and regions. With so many choices for the travelling dollar, we are skilled at creating engaging campaigns that differentiate, spark wanderlust and inspire confidence. We also have deep experience working with hotels and hospitality companies and can ensure your brand stands out and stays protected.