Winter Internship Update: Saying goodbye to Gabriele and Kristina!

Over the last few months, we have had the incredible opportunity to work with our winter interns Gabriele Brownstein and Kristina Gumennaya, whose curiosity, great team work attitude and eagerness to learn have been an asset to our team and clients. As their learning experience at KLC comes to its end, we asked them to share their big takeaways.

We know they will rock their next adventures, but we will all surely miss them!

1. What are the most relevant skills you have gained during your time at KLC?

Kristina: Coming from the corporate side of communications, being at KLC has taught me how to use online tools such as Meltwater, Cision and MRP. It has been rewarding to write more on tech trends and expand my knowledge in this sector. I’ve also gotten to learn about new business proposals, thanks to all the senior members of the team who always find time to teach me!

Gabriele: I came to KLC with very little knowledge of the public relations field and have been able to learn a lot of new skills. The most helpful skillset that I will take away is pitching media. I am now not only much more comfortable reaching out to media through emails but can also easily follow-up by phone. My time-management and organization skills have also drastically improved as it often gets very busy at KLC.

2. What are you enjoying the most?

Kristina: I’m enjoying writing on different topics for a variety of clients and learning a lot about different industries through this process. Through my work on SecureKey Technologies, I know now a lot about digital ID and online privacy that never caught my attention before. Now I find it very interesting! I have also enjoyed interacting with team members and learning about their experience in PR.

Gabriele: My favourite thing about KLC is the people and the workplace culture. It is very much a “work hard, play hard” type of environment – you can joke around with each other but also have space to focus on a task. Everyone is so friendly and easy to get along with. We were rotating coverage at the front desk (until COVID-19), so it was very enjoyable as you get to say ‘good morning’ to everyone as they come in and be the face of the company for guests and clients.

3. What has been the most challenging/rewarding?

Kristina: Learning how to prioritize my time and stay on top of things has definitely been the most challenging aspect, but also rewarding when you finish everything on time! It has also been extremely great to see your work published on the client’s website/social media networks and recognizing your words being put out.

Gabriele: The most rewarding experience is that even though at the beginning I didn’t feel confident with some of my abilities, I would receive always constructive feedback from team leads, to the point that I started to see increased positive feedback, even from the media! It feels good to know that despite my fears I’m doing well and learning a lot along the way. The longer I learn and work here the more confident I feel about my work and the relationships I’m building in the industry. Despite the challenges I faced initially, I’m coming out the other end stronger and more capable than I was when I started.

4. What advice do you have for future interns at KLC?

Kristina: Learn how to prioritize your tasks and communicate with the team if you’re feeling overwhelmed – everyone understands that! Also don’t be shy to ask for some specific work or ask any questions you are curious about. The KLC team will find a way to help you out!

Gabriele: Ask as many questions as possible. Whether that be reaching out to team leads and asking to assist on projects or just asking for clarification on a task, everyone on the team is willing to answer questions and break it down for you because they understand that you won’t get everything right away. This is something I struggled with as I felt I was always behind still being at school, but the team was helpful and understanding and made me feel like a valuable member right from the start.